With combined experience in design and the manufacturing industry exceeding 50 years Smart Issuance expertise in the sector includes research, industrial design, design engineering, design for manufacture, supplier sourcing and project management. Smart Issuance delivers from the initial concept to the finished product in accordance with governing body approves such as UL and CE. Industrial design, form, aesthetics and ergonomics are all considered during the design stage. All of the research in the product definition stage is distilled into coherent design concepts. The chosen concept is refined and detailed in 3D CAD using the latest industry leading software. Elements such as design for manufacture and assembly, required standards and value engineering are considered. Rarely will a concept differ so little from the end physical kiosk.

Having built our own kiosks and sub contract assembled for 3rd parties we have covered many different requirements using a wide variety of peripherals and different end use cases. We only use the very best recognised suppliers who share our quality values which ensures a high throughput and very low failure rate internally. Our rigorous testing ensures that everything leaving our factory is all identical and perfectly functioning ready for immediate siting.

System Design & Development is the process of building an application from beginning to end. Depending on the specific requirements of the system, we define the architecture of the system, including components, modules, interfaces and data.

Lead with Talent and Expertise

Smart Issuance design and development process is led by experts with vast self-service kiosk experience. We also add high-level commercial developers who bring cutting-edge technology and entrepreneur know-how to the process.

Strategic Planning that Enables Growth

We take an integrated approach to the mission of the organization and develop a holistic IT structure that effectively captures the processes of the business and enables growth. Systems are designed and developed to solve existing business problems, as well as to provide acceptable solutions to problems that may arise in the future.

Inside the metal chassis, every kiosk is essentially a PC or a tablet device, but what makes it smart and usable is the user-interface. At Smart Issuance, we understand that there is much more to kiosk apps than just configuring a device to run in “kiosk mode”.

Smart Issuance offers custom kiosk software development and a broad range of off-the-shelf solutions. Our Kiosk solutions are flexible, adaptable and user-friendly. The software underneath is aesthetically pleasing , emphasises on user experience, easy to use, interactive and render all services a human service will offer.

We can develop robust self-service kiosk applications for a range of solutions requiring complex logic.

Our development process from concept design to product delivery, follows a system of quality checks for product integrity while managing to execute in a timely and professional manner.